Indeed it is the business task to catch up. Financial crisis that hit the world almost 10 years ago had its impact on Bulgaria. Although the effect of it wasn't a real blow compared to what happened in other European countries still it forced lots of companies to fold or shrink. The situation have slowly changed for better since the end of 2000's and economic growth is constant in recent years – and for Bulgaria the numbers are higher than for other countries in European Union. So it will be no big surprise if soon there will be shortage of well prepared accountants. And here is where we talk about quality.

There are news and novelties in that professional area and this is the real challenge.

Though Bulgaria have one of the highest rates of graduated accountants, the country have significantly lower percentage of professionals who went through post-graduate specialization. You never stop learning new things and accountants service is not excluded from this statement though it has same basics that were valid and working for centuries. Good and experienced accountants are never out of the game in the labor market – actually there is always search for professionals in this area. And the salary is higher compared to average level and compared to other types of work but it comes with a price. Lots of work, often time till late night, strict deadlines. Numbers, numbers, numbers... „Well, It's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it“. And here is someone who can really do it.

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