Tax declaration, planning and payment. To prepare all tax declaration which are required by the Bulgarian legislation (VAT, Corporative tax, Tax of Personal incomes, etc.); to ensure that the required tax payment is paid in their due date; to keep contact with all agencies responsible for accepting and processing all data.

Auditing. For auditing the entities should choose an independent auditor, who will write a statement as a result of analyzing the financial position of the company, its annual financial statement and other required documents.

Other papers and information for specific conditions. There are also many other types of papers, reports, declarations which should be prepared for specific conditions and which are not included above.

Deadlines. Each report or paper that you need to submit to the third party or agency has a time limit fixed by the low or other regulation.

Accounting is a time consuming process which required specific knowledge and constant training about Bulgarian Accounting legislation and also International low if you have business interest abroad.

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