Here you can find well trained professionals – one of the best in accounting services Bulgaria can offer right now.

You don’t have to worry about plans and deadlines – it is our obligation to do so, if you trust us. The company needs every muscle to work right on target, so I you don’t have resources and prepared personnel for bookkeeping, don’t waste your energy and time to learn such a complex activity, if your main objective is to grow in business and search for clients.

An outside accounting service can be really useful in that aspect – the professionals are ready to do the job virtually whenever you look for them.

Well, maybe there are certain intervals during the year when counting numbers is really intense and exhausting, but we will remind you about it before it is time. The client has the right to know all the information not only on annual basis, but anytime such information is on demand. If you have some urgent issue with your financial status or you need consultation regarding the tax policy, you can call to a trusted accountant, it is not needed to have one in your office all day.

And guess what happens if you have a bookkeeper in the firm you manage and he wants to go out on a leave during the summer and out of the blue in the middle of this two week absence something really important and urgent comes out. It will be harsh to break seaside vacation, but still there is job to be done.

Again you can count on outside service. Anytime you look for it, you can have it.

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Office Burgas
Burgas 8000, BULGARIA
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