There are several advantages of moving a business to Bulgaria which are hard to ignore.

Lots of companies both from Europe and outside the continent are attracted by the opportunity here – low taxes, possibility of using highly qualified personnel for a price that is far enough from level of wages in Western Europe, and in the last years the benefits of being a part of the big European family.

But having the assets and deciding to use them for investment in Bulgaria is not enough. If you are foreign company, you will need the expertise of legal consultants, accounting professionals, financial masters to put your business on strong foundation. Registration of firm could be tricky, tax planning is a must and the partnership of the banks operating inside the country is inevitable. The market is still fresh and he changes could happen faster than expected. So this is the risky part, but on the other hand it is easier to be flexible, there are lots of options to get profit and the fact that Bulgaria is a state member of European Union makes it even better place for any kind of business.

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