Professionals in our team can guarantee that you will be up to date with all the latest changes in financial and tax legislation.

One of the main things is that 2017 is the first year for which companies are obliged to submit tax returns online only. Companies will be have the right to correct their own errors if they find in their accounting or in the documents submitted to the tax. This goes only for mistakes noticed when declaration is already submitted. Threshold for cash payments goes down to 5 thousand leva (5 000 BGN), while currently the limit for this type of transaction is 10 thousand. Important changes in the Law provide that Individuals receiving income from sources abroad have to declare it on annual basis. There is idea non-monetary contributions to companies to be taxed under certain conditions. In other news changes in legislation provide tax breaks for card payments, increase in excise tax on cigarettes from January 1, 2017, etc.

It's no wonder if you get lost in the jungle – financial world looks like it to anyone who watches from outside. Change is the only constant thing and it's easy to miss the clue, if you don't follow it. We would make sure you won't get lost.

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