What kind of insurance should pay registered company in Bulgaria?

There are lots of recent news, specifics and changes in this matter. For example in a private limited company (Ltd.) partners are subject to deductions for pension fund, for health and similar. The owner of the firm have more specific insurance status. If the owner does not perform a managerial role, if the owner is not a part of the working staff and does not receive salary, he is not a subject of that kind of insurance. But it is important not to confuse it with the distribution of capital gains, it is taxed in another way and not working reward.

A leading manager of the company is not always the owner and the insurance of such individual is also specific. If appears to be an employee on labor contract, that person submit social and health security payments based on salary. But in case the manager don't receive salary, law treats that individual as self-employed.

So you there are a lots of pitfalls in the matter of insurance and we are not even talking about workers payments, bonuses, etc. So calling up Accountants Bulgaria is a safe bet in this area.

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