Payroll of employees is published on monthly basis.

This is a basic accounting document that comprises at least the name and number, date of issue, subject and value of the transaction. When signed by the employer or authorized person, payroll should be considered reliable to be posted on total remuneration for the month and the cost to be recognized for tax purposes.

And it has to be given to the worker. If the money are paid on hand which already rare practice in Bulgaria, the employee receives a peace of paper and signing it means that person took his reward for the job. Upon payment of wages by via bank transfers the company should keep payment orders and pay slips.

The law gives the employee the right to request an extract from the payroll for paid or unpaid salaries and benefits - you can always get information about the due remuneration and compare it with the received bank transfer. So it is established practice employers to provide their employees payslips.

So keeping proper records is essential for the business and it shows if they are any difficulties. Payroll is a work that has to be entrusted to proved professionals like ones we have in Accountants Bulgaria.

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