On what should you pay attention?

  • To be careful of making mistakes in the employees’ salary or missing employees’ payments;
    • if the process of payroll services is provided by your personnel then it is difficult to manage the confidentiality about the individual payments and bonuses that given in your company;
    • If you have many employees in different positions, you should spend time and recourses to develop your accounting department and payroll policy;
    • you need a lawyer or consultant to advise you about the legal aspect of decision that you could want to implement in your company payroll policy;
    • salaries’ preparing, social securities and taxes are very complex and require spread knowledge and deep study of the constant changes in labor legislation;
    • Providing a full payroll services by yourself requires a full range of accurate documentation;

To prepare and manage the employee payroll in your company requires experienced and well trained accountants, latest accounting software, up-to-date knowledge of Bulgarian legislation, following short deadlines which are provided by the low, communications with different agencies and third parties, etc.

There is an option to provide your payroll services by outsourcing accounting company which will manage all negative aspects for your company.

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