You want to have your business on solid ground and thriving in healthy environment. You can’t go on without proper bookkeeping – at least the relations with the Tax agency (NAP)and Social Security (NOI) and other state institutions are an integral part of the business in Bulgaria.

So what is the right time to call outside accountant? It largely depends on the specifics and needs of your business. If your company is not full scale active throughout the whole year, than maybe you need accountant service on annual basis. If you run a company that has non-stop activity no matter of the season than it is highly recommended to use professional in finance more often – every month someone has to take care of invoices, wages, taxes, etc. In this case there are option for subscription but it doesn’t exclude urgent calls.

What are the needs of your firm? If you can’t decide for yourself, don’t worry – you can always call us and we would give you proper consultation sending some of the best accountant Bulgaria have for such service.

Let’s go back to the start of this article. Your business entity is a startup – the whole horizon is in front of you, but you don’t see all obstacles on the road to the success and wellbeing. Wouldn’t it be better to search well trained and educated professional before you begin to operate? Why, you would ask – there’s nothing really going on yet. Well, if you want to get going strong and in right direction, it won’t harm you, but probably it will help you to use some advice before you start. It seems like you have measured all and thought of everything, but if you don’t have enough experience in the area you work or trying to run new company, you might miss something. And we won’t miss it.

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