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Along with the pure accounting services LEGACON FINANCE provides complete package of company’s incorporation services in Bulgaria. We produce fast and cost effective on-line company incorporation via internet. The physical presence of the client in Bulgaria is not necessary.


We provide the full range of incorporation services available in Bulgaria. Your presence in the country is not needed and you can oversee the whole process via the internet.

We will ensure that your company has all the needed documentation that is required for incorporation in Bulgaria and make sure that the process is handled with care.

Our legal experts have the needed expertise to manage processes like incorporation in accordance to all legal regulations and are well versed in the specifics of Bulgarian legislation.

The favorable tax legislation makes incorporation in Bulgaria very advisable, as the corporate tax is only 10 % and the tax system is very straight- forward you will save money at every juncture.

1. The incorporation costs 220 euro in total.

In addition, for companies registered by non-residents there is 280 euro oppening and closing bank fee for the oppening/closing of the accumulative capital temporary bank account. The minimal accepted capital by the bank  is 100 BGN /refundable/.
2. Registered legal address and corespondence services
In case the company has no its own office and secretary we provide registered legal address, corespondence forwarding services and secretarial services on a very afordiable prices. The monthly price of the package is from 15 euro up to 150 euro ex VAT. 
3. Bank account package /optional/:
Our standard bank account package of services includes:
- up to 3 bank accounts /USD EUR BGN/
- internet banking
The total cost of the package is 400 euro plus 180 euro bank due diligence fee.

4. VAT registration /optional/:
The procedure of EU VAT number registration takes 2 weeks at least. The registration procedure is a kind of tax audit. The cost of the procedure is 195 euro

5. Regular Accounting :
Our Accounting and maintenance package of services is absolutely complete and consists of:
Monthly VAT reports
Monthly social insurance and medical insurance payroll;
Preparation of the labor contracts
Real time financial accounting
Bank assistance
Tax planning and consultations
Preparation of the annual financial report, the tax declaration and the statistic report
Publication of the financial report in the corporate register of Bulgaria – annually
The minimal price of the package above, in case of the VAT registered company, is between 1200 and 1800 euro per year ex VAT.
Please note that each month your company must apply the VAT reports and the social insurance report. The social insurance is due for the director of the company for the period during which the company has any activity. The minimal social insurance fee is 40 euro a month.
Please read below detailed explanation of the process of incorporation in Bulgaria:

1. Corporate tax - 10 % of the net profit per year;
2. Dividend tax 5% - only in case of real payment  of dividends;
3. VAT - 20%. The EU internal deliveries and the export are free of VAT;
4. 10% personal income tax.  The Dividends are free of tax after they are shared between the shareholders and after the 5% dividend tax being paid.

The type of the company that we recommend is LLC /OOD, EOOD/. Its specifics are:
The shareholders could be one or more.
The only shareholder could be the sole director of the company.
There isn't a requirement to have local Bulgarian shareholder or manager or secretary etc.
No annual fees for keeping the registration of the company.
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